Na Periferia do Punk

When the outsider turns to himself he sees the world. Oscar Fortunato is the punk’s outsider. His work shows a cutting look on things, but always with his peculiar poetic refinement. The motto is do-it-yourself. This exposition is like a self portrait. Skulls, the never ending praise to resistence, sound systems, sentences sprayed throughout the canvases and several, several layers of irony, sensitivity and revolt towards the present insane world.

Oscar is not happy with the comfortable position of the observer in art. Neither is he happy with comfortable titles he is given. That’s the reason why even within the Punk, Oscar’s interests lie upon the outskirts of thought. It’s from this grounds that he gives us his view on death, opression, chaos. And, out of this borderline position, Beauty rises. Resistence as existence’s flag. Chaos as a natural condition for creation. Death as a reminder of life. What’s sublime lasts.

If they’re selling postcards of the hanging, here the invitations are being silk-screened by the artist himself. In this exposition – celebrating Oscar’s 40th birthday – there will be oil, spray, stickers, silk-screen on canvas and things. Tipography, city plans, overlapping on canvas. Everything made by an artist who takes part in the production of his work and also his show, which will be more than paintings on the wall. A happening with live music, DJs, apocalyptic trumpets and some other surprises, on Feb. 15th, at Marcos Caiado Art Gallery, which will, unfortunately, close after this exposition.

Tarik Hermano

Exhibition: Na Periferia do Punk
Artist: Oscar Fortunato
Where: Marcos Caiado Galeria de Arte, Goiânia, Goiás, Brasil
Opening: 15th February 2011. Special Guests: Vida Seca (live performing), DJs Bruno Abdala, Ivan Pedro, Glau-kushi.  Trumpet by Reinaldo Punk.
When: from 15th to 25th February 2011

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