Age . 33 years old. March 25th, 1977. Áries

When did you start? . I’ve always drawn, never have stopped. Professionaly, though, it started in the beggining of 2000, working with kids at the NGO Terra Fértil

Techniques . graffiti techniques and the ones necessary to reach my goals.

Inspiration . when I’m at peace, it shows at my doorstep

Art is… .  sublime

Being an artist is… . subliminal



Age .  29 years old. born on March 20th, 1981, at 1:00 pm. I’m a Pisces

When did you start? . In 1995 I started with “Escrita Rupestre” in Brasilia. In 1996 I moved to Goiania. At Ateneu Dom Bosco, with a friend, I started ALG – Graffiti Legend’s Lovers – and in 1999 I make my first art graffiti which, in fact, wasn’t actually that artistic and more of a kid’s joke. Still in ’99 I started the Design graduation at UCG and knewn the dear friend Fabíola Morais wich, two years later would take me to her workshop, that she shared with Rodrigo Flávio. That was the day that I painted my first canvas, in 2001/2002. Since then I’ve been painting canvas. My motor was always having liked colors and movement.

Techniques . Spray, acrylic, oil stick, watercolor.

Inspiration . The imaginary is my greates inspiration.

Art is… .like sex, it has to give pleasure to both parts involved: the consumer and the one who’s consumed by it.

Being an artist is… .having a moment for reflection about the world even when my world is myself.



Age . I was born on January 2nd, 1980. 30 years. I’m a Capricorn

When did you start? . In 2004. Why? Women.

Techniques . Stencil, acrylic, oil paint, markers.

Inspiration . Lost loves, everyday life, music (from gangsta RAP to Bolero), old school tatoos.

Art is… . another world,

Being an artist is… . running all of the time.



Age . I was born on February 20th, 1967. I’m a Pisces, rising sign in Gemini and moon in cancer.

When did you start? . I started producing after, having graduating in architecture, realizing after some years in the trade, that it wouldn’t be by making projects and dealing with the building market that I would fulfill myself. Psychically, I would calm down from this apparent disappointment drawing, painting and studying arts history until, little by little, these works have become more consistent and more into the market.

Techniques . Painting technique and oil paint. As for the drawings, I normally draw in pen, then I take pictures and trace them. I use also imagem mixing softwares for getting new starts and new traces.

Inspiration . When painting I get inspiration from other artists’ works, specially the classics such as Toulouse Lautrec and Egon Schiele. As for drawings, my usual theme is Love and a whole lot of hearts. I really believe in this message and in spicing it, reinventing it and spreading the word… always!!! That’s my main “inspiration”. For its nature (trace) and its association with ((( typographic insights))), I consider the Internet an important media for my work, not only spreading it, but also occupying it.

Art is… . a sophisticated way man has developed to know and change the world.

Being an artist is… . being a graphic artist is giving in to the exercise of reading between the lines through life and give it back to people your personal conclusion as visual poetry. It is also belonging to a professional category with its own market, ethics and rules.



Age . June 8th, 1967. I’m a Gemini.

When did you start? . In 1980. There is no reason. I was born producing, its an extension of my soul.

Techniques . Clay, acrylic paint, oil paint, silk screen.

Inspiration . People.

Art is… . and incurable disease.

Being an artist is… . breaking barbed wire fences and thinking: to hell with it.



Age . I’m29 years old. I was born on September 30th, 1980.

When did you start? . I cant precise exactly when it all began. I’ve always been fascinated by brushes. I have a true love for art, for all of its shapes and medias, and I think that I started producing by pure passion, for the need of sharing a bit of myself and my art with others that, like me, are in love with this whole universe.

Inspiration . Flávio de Carvalho, Iberê Camargo, Martin Kippenberger… I guess that most of Germany’s neo expressionists.

Art is… . a gift to those who appreciate it. It is impressive, surprising, teasing and capable of changing concepts and arousing all kinds of opinions.

Being an artist is… . Feeling always aroused by the attentive looks analyzing the work of art, its secrets and passion. Being an artist is my life.



Age . I’m39 years old. I was born in February 18th, 1971. I’man Aquarius and I’mpantheist.

When did you start? . I’ve always been involved with paint. Being a seeking person such as I am, all this amount of paint would eventually get me into an artistic verve. I started producing seriously only after getting married, seven years ago.

Techniques . All of them, including the ones I’mnot very familiar with. Specially those.

Inspiration . Music, family, Bob Dylan, history and mithologies.

Art is… . turning an ordinary thing into something beautiful.

Being an artist is… . having the courage to face a rhino with a flower.



Age . I was born on April 10th, 1978. I’man Aries.

When did you start? I started in 1995 as means to a closure for unfinished conflicts.

Techniques . dry Pastel, oil paint and acrylic paint.

Inspiration . I’minfluenced by artists like Egon Schiele, Lucian Freud, Frida Kahlo, Tom of Finland and by urban, masculine and underground references.

Art is… . Breaking patterns, concepts. Pure existentialism, a changing instruments for what insists on standing still through time.

Being an artist is… .seeing yourself reflected on every idea the rises, getting deep into the self, questioning, getting over, getting it out, being naked.



Age . I was born in June 29th, 1974. I’ma Cancer.

When did you start? . I went to Art galleries and ateliers since I was  child. I really started, tough, at the Goiânia Art Museum, at age 10. Soon I went to Contemporary Art Museum. I also took part in FAV’s first class.

Techniques . Drawing, oil on canvas, sculptures, and objects made form different materials.

Inspiration . Cobra group, Guinle. I like the impressionism, neo impressionism, post expressionism, post WW2 painting and bad painting.

Art is… . the only way to establish distinct visions of the world.

Being an artist is… . the enlightened’s quest.



Age . I was born on August 31st, 1985. I’ma Virgo.

When did you start? . I painted my first canvas in 2004, but not until 2006 did I face painting as a serious job. Since then I realized I could use it to express my thoughts.

Techniques . My work is based upon stencil art. I add to it acrylic paint and spray. All over the media I can use to paint, may it be paper of the wall.

Inspiration . Music, underground literature, folk and underground culture, going through religion, urban stereotypes, getting to gang wars and trash movie’s violence. As for graphics, my inspiration comes from graffiti, specially Brazil’s stencil graffiti.

Art is… . expression, representation of feelings.

Being an artist is… . being able to think and produce things that for a lot of people are futile and meaningless.



Age .  I was born in October 21st, 1950, in Volta Redonda, RJ. I was raised, tough, in Minas Gerais up to 15 years old, when I came to Goiânia, where I graduated, got married, had my sons and became a Goiano.

When did you start? . I’ve always drawn, with none artistic pretensions whatsoever. I graduated in Social Sciences during the 70’s (1973) and enrolled on Graphic Arts just after it “in order to get better at drawing” – I finished it in 1978. I haven’t left this arts area since then. My first exposition that I consider relevant was in 1980.

Techniques . I’ve always worked with printing (almost exclusively) – its many processes, woodcut, metal engraving, lithography, silk screen and alternative processes. I’malso professor of this discipline at the Visual Arts School at UFG. I keep working with prints, specially with experimental processes. Alongside with that I’ve been working a lot with cardboard boxes, cutting it, collage and incisions.

Inspiration . I’min development, such as for prints as on cardboard, images of cities, big cities, metropolis, proposing a discussion on the unplanned growth of our cities.

Art is… . the way I have to manifest myself, making philosophies, thinking about things, thinking about the world and how to place myself in it.

Being an artist is… . a need (I don’t know how it would be if I weren’t an artist), but a leisure activity, yet very hard-maintenance, for everything, the art works, the ideas, new works, new ideas; only come after a lot of work.

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