Lydia is so amazingly helpful! I we've bought several of Ramon's pieces (which are amazing) - ordering from the UK - I strongly recommend Plus Galeria - if you're buying from the UK, you are in safe hands!Thanks (and Zzazz LOVED the prints!)David
David Foreman
It was a real pleasu
It was a real pleasure to flanily meet Bill Strickland in Meadville at Allegheny College. I have admired Mr. Strickland and his work ever since he spoke at the Crystal Cathedral several years ago. His enthusiasm and passion for improving the lives of children is contagious. Men like Bill deserve to be heard much more often than those whose lives have led them down a negative path yet it is just the opposite. Thank God for Bill Strickland, he sees every cup as full'.


Mana Bernardes

Há 4 obras.
Mana Bernardes

Mana Bernardes nasceu em 1981, no Rio de Janeiro, Brasil.

Formação acadêmica

2011 Formação em Negócios Sociais, Artemísia, São Paulo, Brasil.
2010 Residência artística, Leher Architects, Los Angeles, Estados Unidos.
2009 Faculdade de Desenho Industrial, Pontifícia Universidade Católica (PUC), Rio de Janeiro, Brasil (2003-2009).
2001 Formação em Arte Terapeuta, Instituto de Artes Terapeutas do Brasil, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil (1999-2001).
1998 Formação em...


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